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FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
american a certain level of booze? >> i like that idea. >> it is like a negative income tax, but for alcohol. >> at least until you are 26. >> exactly. and then you have to get drunk on your own. i do want people wasted and this is my theory. you can't be a left winger when you are drunk. all of your true feelings come out. you will be with a liberal and they will be spouting stuff like, you are right. i never trusted that jackass and i voted for him. he is still a jackass. don't tell anybody i said this. and then they tell you all of this crap. you're right. this place so cks. but nobody ever becomes more liberal than when they are drinking. >> i am doing it myself. >> you know what, i understand why you have a gun. i have a gun too. >> then the next day it is back to guns are bad. you can't be drunk and liberal at the same time. >> you get drunk and it is racism, racism, race. racism. somebody has to do that. >> it is the them and the those people. >> i am talk about the bartenders and the jews. >> because they run everything. >> there we go. does having a girl change your
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am PST
"get em." >> you can hear the girl say "low taxes." >> if the president can't control -- if the president cannot control his dog, how could he run the country? should he be impeached? >> let's go with yes right off the bat for any number of reasons. none more so than the fact that he had many choices of what his canine would be. he went with a portuguese water spaniel. next is spain. spain a country where communists and fashists fought each other. he went with a dog that is clearly a portuguese facist canine and that is not american. i got caught up. >> i want to talk about this happy hour thing. >> i got you right here. >> we are trying to do a show here. they are having their own mini show. >> we missed rehearsals. >> the happy hour thing to discuss obamacare, this strikes me as a fatal flaw among progressives who believes you can make anything political. the personal is political, so you can just -- during your thanksgiving dinner you can talk politics and no one can mind. this happens all the time. >> right, and they gave you talking points for that. you know, thi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2